Name: Kelsey Silveira
Grade level: 2nd grade
Subject: Math/Science
Conference Time: 8:50-9:40

Upcoming Events/ News
What's happening in our class this week?

Math: Graphing
Science: Food Chains

6 - PTO Meeting
14 - School Holiday
28 - Economics Fair

8-12 - Closed Campus (STAAR Test)
9th- 2nd grade field trip
17 - Box Tops Due
18 - PTO Meeting
19 - Writing Restaurant
25 - Field Day for K-2nd
26 - Field Day for 3rd-6th
29 - School Holiday

1 - Last Day of School
1 - Early Release Dismissal 12:05
2 - Teacher Workday
Monday- Math homework page 827-828
Wednesday- No math homework!
Friday- Economics Fair!

Science Vocabulary: Animal Characteristics
Words went home on Monday April 3
Test on: Tuesday April 11

an animal that has three body parts and six legs
an animal that has wet skin and lives both in water and on land
animals with fur or hair that feed milk to their young and whose babies are born alive
Life cycle
the parts of a living thing's life from birth to death
a cold-blooded animal that is covered in scales and has rough, dry skin
a thing, flat body part of fish which is used for swimming and balance
the part of a bird that grows from the skin and covers a bird's body
the many small, thin plates that cover fish and reptiles bodies
when one living thing resembles a different kind of living thing
the color or patterns that help an animal to appear to blend with its surroundings

7:50-8:05 Arrival
8:05-8:50 AM Math/Science
8:50-9:40 FA/PE
9:40-11:10 AM Math/Science
11:10-12:35 PM Math/Science
12:35-1:05 Lunch
1:05-1:35 DEAR/Recess
1:35-2:20 PM Math/Science
2:20-3:05 D3 Time (Dragons Digging Deeper)
3:05 Dismissal



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